Small Bikini

For a great way to show off a toned and tanned body, there is no better way to do so than to wear a small bikini. Skimpy beachwear is the perfect way to feel sexy and show off those curves.

Also known as a micro bikini which is skimpy, sexy, and offers a smaller amount of body covering than the typical two-piece. The teeny swimwear can be anything from the thong, the Brazilian, the sheer, the crochet and thong swimwear. All these swimming wear styles not only offer coverage but also expose a lot of skin for that perfect tan. Want to turn heads as you strut your stuff at the seaside? An itty bitty piece of swimwear, no matter what style it is, will do just that for you.

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Materials for small beachwear

Spandex and nylon are the top materials for any type of swimming garment. A typical two-piece may be made up of a blend of Lycra and Nylon, but in the past, most were made of cotton or jersey fabric. Lycra and Nylon were only put to use in the 1960s and 1970s because they offered more flexibility and protection from the water and the sand. Blends of Lycra and Nylon also hold well in the water, giving ample comfort even when wet. For those who are daring enough to bear all while still wearing a swimsuit, they can opt for those made of sheer fabric. Two-pieces made of crocheted fabrics are also stylish options for those who plan to make a splash come summertime.

small bikini

With the popularity of the green movement, more and more shoppers are now looking for earth-friendly alternatives to Lycra, Nylon, or Spandex. Now, some swimwear manufacturers are producing tiny swatches of beachwear created from recycled materials, used cotton t-shirts and vintage cloth, and even bamboo fiber to create earth-friendly yet stylish swimming outfits.

Bikini embellishments

Teeny swatches of swimwear now come in various designs and embellishments to give every pair a unique look. Designer bathing suits come with intricate beading, prints, appliques, and other forms of embellishments to create couture swimsuits. Some of the most expensive micro bathing suits are embellished with Swarovski crystals. One of these was a diamond-studded number worn by model Molly Sims in the 2006 Sports illustrated Swimsuit edition. Many of these embellishments for skimpy bathing suits are specially designed for the beach only. Outfits for professional swimmers often require the garment to be as streamlined as possible, making embellishments a sure no-no.